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Supply Chain Management

Overview of Supply Chain Management Courses in Kochi, Kerala

If you are looking for the best Supply Chain Management Courses in Kochi, then Zabeel is the right place. Completing your course from the best Logistic Institutes renders you the practical knowledge for dealing with the challenges faced in this sector. With the swelling demand on this course, we provide you the best coaching in logistics and the exposure required to sustain in this field.

Being a widely-accepted SCM course, this course adds value to you and your company. This helps you to collaborate with your suppliers by strengthening relations and reducing costs with increased productivity.

Course cover the following

  • Tactics to plan, control and execute product flow
  • Concepts and Key principles in multimodal transport operations
  • Freight transport management
  • The unitization and containerization of cargo
  • Transportation of dangerous goods by land, air, and sea

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