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Supply Chain Management Course

What’s Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management, Control of the complete construction flow of a good or service that starts from the raw components all the way to deliver the final product to the consumer. These includes all the actions that must take place to get the exact product into the right consumer’s hands in the right extent and at the right interval – from raw materials abstraction to consumer acquisition.To achieve this duty, a company will build a network of suppliers that move the product along from the suppliers of raw materials to the groups who deal directly with users.

According to CIO, there are six components of Supply Chain Management:

  • Design : Design and manage all resources required to meet consumerrequest for a company’s product or service. When the supply chain is established, regulate metrics to measure whether the supply chain works in an efficient manner, in an effective way anddistributes value to customers and meets company goals.
  • Production : Organize the actions which areessential to accept raw materials, manufacture the product, test for quality, package for Shipping Management and schedule for delivery.
  • Returning : Generate a network or procedure to take back imperfect, extra or unwanted products.
  • Delivering : Managing customer orders, scheduling delivery, dispatching loads, invoicing customers and receiving payments.
  • Aiding : Launch supportprocesses to monitor information throughout the Supply Chain and assure compliance with all regulations. Enabling processes comprise of finance, human resources, facilities management, sales, portfolio management,IT, product design and quality assurance.
  • Sourcing : Select suppliers to deliver the goods and services required to produce the product. Then, establish processes to monitor and succeed supplier relationships. Key processes include gathering, delivering, managing inventory and authorizing supplier payments.

Supply chain Management Courses in Kochi, Kerala

The courses offered here allows you for developing knowledge, talents and competencies in the field of Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management which will support everyone in the management of assets, processes and people. Course from the Best Aviation and Logistics Institute in Kochi will help you acquireknowledge about the different aspects of logistics functions which includes operations, warehousing,purchasing, transportation and Supply Chain Management.


Course Class Timing
PG Diploma in Supply Chain Logistics & Shipping Management 9AM - 1PM (or) 2PM - 5PM Daily class (Mon - Friday)
Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Logistics & Shipping Management 9AM - 1PM (or) 2PM - 5PM Daily class (Mon - Friday)

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