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Shipping management


Being one of the most important sectors in the global economy, shipping management plays a major role in world trade. And specialization in this field from the best shipping management course providers in Kerala renders you a piece of deep knowledge and understanding of the critical issues in shipping. Zabeel is leading the industry with excellence providing the best logistics courses in Kochi, the trade hub of Kerala. So studying a shipping Management program in the best logistics institute makes you strong enough to identify now the pain points in the transport sector and solve them with ease.

What you gain!

On choosing one of the best Shipping Management Courses in Kerala you gain the following

  • Foundations of ship management
  • Build strong analytical and strategical skills
  • The methods, concepts, and theories
  • Evaluation of shipping investment proposals.
  • Analyze financial statements
  • Maritime legislation
  • International shipping frameworks.
  • Professional efficiency

A successful career in the challenging shipping sector is a sure thing on completing this course.

The masters diploma, post graduate diploma as well as advanced diploma programs in Shipping Management is designed to give students the skills needed to excel in the field of Shipping Management. These courses combine academic knowledge with industrial experience to provide a unique multidisciplinary specialization, so as to develop the next generation leaders in the Shipping Management Fields.

Basic Course Modules :

  • Logistics operations and Supply Chain Management.
  • Inventory Management, Procurement and Purchase Management.
  • Material Management and Warehouse Management.
  • International Trade and Import/Export Management.
  • Freight forwarding, Distribution and Transport Management.
  • Retailing and Merchandise Management.
  • Shipping Operations and Management.

Shipping Operations and Management.

  • Ship -Architectures Design.
  • Shipping & Ship Transport.
  • Shipping Business - Essential Features.
  • UAE port & DP world.
  • UAE shipping law.
  • Affreightment.
  • Ship Broking & Operations.
  • Port Management.

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