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Tips for maintaining a professional attitude in your aviation academy

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October 28, 2019

Aviation students and instructors have a unique professional relationship. The instructors and students spend the majority of their time 1-on-1, they need to cultivate courteous, professional relationships that will help students reach their learning goals in an efficient manner. Professional conduct is very crucial and can impede learning and lead to a very productive working relationship. Though individual students and instructors maintain a relationship with each other very differently, both parties have a responsibility to treat each other with respect. Below are a few tips to maintain a professional attitude in your aviation academy,

1.   Be on time

Being consistently late for appointments and classes can quickly sour any professional relationship. This has to be taken care of seriously.

2.   Be prepared

Be prepared while you are in the class. Exhibiting a professional attitude is always going to help you throughout your career. If you want to maximize your learning experience and get its true essence, you need to prepare for the lesson or section beforehand.

3.   Be a good listener.

Good communication is the most vital component of any successful relationship, whether personal or professional. This would help you succeed in your career wherever you go. In order to initiate a quality conversation, you need to be a good listener.. Communication cannot exist without active listening, which is mainly critical in aviation, where the whole thing depend on communicating effectively.

4.   Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Speaking up is the key to improve any relationship, whether personal or professional. Students can get frustrated when an instructor does not give clear feedback on how the student is progressing. Instructors need to inform students of exactly what they are doing wrong and how to properly correct it so that they can focus on it to get it corrected.

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