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Tips for attending an interview

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December 21, 2019

To face an interview is not that easy. It is both an art and science.The next time you attend an interview for a promising job, follow  these  interview  tips.

Anticipate And Practice is the key.

During a job interview, you need to definitely anticipate likely questions. Preparation of an interview begins with preparing answers for the questions that the employer is likely to ask. While every interview is unique in its own way, most involve things like these.

Know how to describe you

When employers start with the question,“Tell me about yourself.”they don’t want you to tell them about your hobbies or interests.

Instead, they want to know about qualities you own. Those ones that can’t be easily listed on a resume, but that nonetheless make you an efficient employee.

Know Your Strengths

Employers who ask, “What are your strengths?” aren’t looking for your prepared list of skills and talents. Why would they ask this when they can fetch that from your resume? With this, they actually want concrete examples of things you’ve done that display and showcase your strengths.

Know Your Weakness

A perfect standard tactic for answering interview questions about your weaknesses is to list the “weaknesses” that will actually come across and  serve as strengths.

Study about the company and its history

Research about the company and its history. That should include details like when the company was found, how it operates, and who is the main person in it over the years.

Not only will this help you to understand how you can contribute, but it gives you a sense of why this particular role is important.

You can thus show the interviewer team that you are committed to what you will be doing.

Mock Interviews

Finally, find a friend, preferably someone with a business background who can conduct a mock interview with you.

Ask them to pay close attention and be very strict.

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