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Scope of Women in Logistics

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October 18, 2019

In different areas of education, gender inequality is a common scene these days. Though gender inequality affects both girls and boys, women and men alike, girls and women are still more often badly affected. The situation is very similar in maritime and logistics education.

During previous times, the maritime and logistics industry, mainly the shipping industry was considered generating jobs for the males only. One cannot deny the fact that certain social, cultural and physical factors in the country do not act in favor of women engaging in operational activities related to various transport and logistics industry that demands a strong physical involvement. The main factors affecting female participation in education are geographical, socio-cultural, health, economic, religious, legal, political/administrative, and educational and initiatives. However, this phobia has gradually relieved with shipping and logistics opportunities proved to be more academic or professional centric than the skilled or technical center in the past. Technology plays a major role in this epic evolution and definitely, globalization is helping us to see through what is happening in the transport and logistics industry overseas. The awareness of numerous opportunities available for women and the fact that many females have developed successful carriers in the transport and Logistics industry has helped to boost confidence among women. On the other hand, most of the staff in the maritime education and training institutes are recruited as they have maritime experience and qualifications. The discrimination based on gender is an example of social exclusion that has the capability of affecting the overall economy of a nation. As such the international community has made huge progress in defining inclusive growth. However, following a comprehensive and more actionable framework remains still a challenge. Making a country naval, aviation and commercial hubs are relevant to the cross-border movement of goods, services and of course, the people. This is where equal gender participation makes sense. According to the World Economic Forum, promoting gender equality is one of the key areas of this initial framework which will be used as a point of departure for a series of policy dialogues among policymakers, business leaders, etc. The maritime sector is not popular in tertiary education in many countries like management, computing, marketing, banking, accounting, and engineering, etc.

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