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Scope and Duties of the Cabin Crew

Scope and Duties of the Cabin Crew
November 15, 2019

What is the scope of cabin crew course? This is a common question asked from both the students and parents. 

Today, there are numerous Cabin Crew Courses in Kerala which itself is an indicator of the high scope of cabin crew jobs. When we consider the scope and future prospects for cabin crew, it is important to understand the aviation industry and its opportunities in detail. Since India is in a rapid development stage, it has a very high economic growth rate. And aviation indeed is a crucial part of this growth.

There are many airlines that are extending their services across the globe. Many are in the pipeline to launch. Also, the already existing airlines are increasing the passenger traffic in last 1.5 year. And this is the same case with other counties too. That provides endless opportunities for the students who wish to initiate a career in the aviation industry. There are many Cabin Crew Courses in Kochi that helps the students choose the right path in order to succeed in their aviation career. Nowadays many guidance and trainings are also provided by the Best Aviation Institutes in Kerala for the growth of the students as well as the sector.

Air cabin crew members can choose from multiple career options that include public sector airlines and private airlines. With the required experience, they can become supervisors too. They can assign and oversee the work of their junior cabin crew members.

Next major question that we get is what do cabin crew do?

Below are a few duties that the cabin crew has to perform efficiently.

▪ Taking part in pre-flight briefings about the flight, the passengers and the schedule.

▪ Performing pre-flight checks to ensure that security equipment is working properly and that the plane is stocked with enough food and other safety aids for the flight.

▪ Greeting passengers as they board and directing them to their respective seats

▪ Making sure that passengers are aware of safety measures and demonstrating how to use emergency equipment’s if needed.

▪ Making announcements

▪ Serving food and 

▪ Performing first aid if necessary.

▪ Making sure that passengers leave the plane safely.

▪ Deal with the flight reports after the journey.

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