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Role of Logistics

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October 17, 2019

Logistics is a very crucial element of competitiveness these days. The commercial deals with other countries are increasingly dependent on their logistical organization. Any policy of export promotion cannot give the expected results if the cost of logistics remains very high. These high costs do not affect only the competitiveness of the local exporters, but they are also on the base of the relocation decisions of the top MNCs trying to move outside of their original countries. Thus, the logistics influence the economy as a whole and seems to be a powerful determinant of the FDI in the host countries. A well-organized logistic function must be necessarily supported by the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) becoming indeed inevitable for its functioning. They represent a very important aid for command and control which helps companies to reduce the costs and increase the productivity rates and especially to have the best information at the right time for the good actor. This opinion demonstrates that the accelerated development of cooperative relations between a supplier and his customer requires strong expertise in the field of the ICTs. But, he underlines at the same time the risk represented by the speed of the innovations and the size of the budgets for investment in the domain.  ICTs are considered as the first support of the functioning of the logistics. They provide very innovative solutions for better management of the supply chain and bring many advantages in terms of safety, service quality and control. Also, they facilitate the exchange of information and data between different actors and accelerate the achievement of operational tasks included.  ICT troupes facilitate the partnership relations through better coordination of actors and stronger engagement of different parties in the relationship. They also improve collaboration through the implementation of joint activities, regardless of hierarchical organizations and affiliations with such services or such divisions. Strong expertise in the field of ICTs is reflected in an even stronger relationship between the supplier and his customer. Supervision and improvement of the quality of the chain connecting the producer and consumer help companies to achieve “zero defects” or complete security for products and services. Indeed, starting from a simple relationship between a seller and a buyer, it becomes possible to share complete systems of exchanges at all levels of logistics functions, from the engineering to the distribution. The strong integration of ICTs in the trade of goods and services between the various links increases the role of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which increases rapidly.

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