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Promising Careers in The Aviation

Best Aviation Institutes in Kochi
November 26, 2019

Many people have positive thoughts about a career in aviation. There are many Aviation Courses in Kerala that help the students
to pick the aviation career that best suits them. Below we have listed a few options that hold the greatest promise in the industry.

Pilot: This would probably be the most common career that comes to mind when people think of aspiring a career in aviation. There is the requirement of significant schooling, and aviation degree from the available Aviation Management Courses in Kerala and getting a pilot license. Pilots get a high salary package both in commercial and corporate.

Test Pilot: This is comparatively a less popular aviation career, but a lucrative one. When any major aircraft manufacturers design and build new planes, they need pilots to test them. The requirements are similar which include flight school with a degree and a pilot’s license. Job prospects are good for those who are willing to re-train as new technology has been developed.

Aeronautical Engineer: This position requires a much higher education, of course, and usually a graduate degree from any Aviation Institutes in Kerala. But this field has an unlimited future – research, development, design of aircraft – it’s how we transport people and things from one place to another.

Aerospace Engineer: this is another career in aviation with an unlimited future. Graduate level schooling will be a must, along with continued education and training.

Air Traffic Controller: this is indeed a stressful position which we have already seen films showing us controllers in horrible circumstances when airplanes are in distress or danger. There are computer centers involved when much of the monitoring is done. As technology continues to take over this career field, there will be some decline in demand. But there will always be the need for technical people in this field.

Aircraft Interior Technician: Designing the interiors of aircraft is another career in the aviation industry  that involves many skills –

Avionics Technician: This career in this industry requires electronics skills, as the technician is responsible for maintaining all of the electronics systems in an airplane or in the airports.

Flight Mechanic: No college degree is mandatory in this area. However, there are FAA certifications as an added advantage. These craftsmen repair and maintain the mechanical components of a plane when and where required.

Grounds Crew/Flight Attendants: This is for those who want to get around aviation without the demand of education and training beyond high school. There are many Aviation Management Courses in Kochi that offers a crew or flight attendant position training for the students who are interested. These do not require any special skills beyond the training that airlines provide upon hire.

Security: From on-flight marshals in disguise to TSA agents at the gate, there are numerous jobs involved with airport and airline security. All of these are government positions, through the FAA or homeland Security, and the payment scale is good for higher-level positions with degrees.

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