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Physical Requirements and Training of Air Hostesses

Air hostess Courses in Kochi
December 21, 2019

Most of the airlines require their flight attendants to be height-weight proportionate, and they have certain maximum weight allowances for them depending on their height. The idea is you must be tall enough to be able to reach the bins above the passengers, but not too tall to have to bend over all the time. Applicants should also be well groomed with conservative jewellery. It is also mandatory to make sure that the applicants have no visible tattoos. Men must have their hair cut above the collar and be clean-shaven, although a moustache usually is okay. A Corrected vision with contact lenses or even glasses are also now acceptable for flight attendants.  You will obviously need to be healthy.

After being hired, the flight attendants are trained by the airline that hired them. The airline will pay for all of it, and it can be generally expected to last between four and eight weeks. This training is specific to the airline and cannot be duplicated or used elsewhere. It will also include courses in medical emergencies, evacuation, firefighting, water survival, security procedures, and even more. Your training will be specific to the aircraft you would fly on.

Other Requirements

Another crucial requirement is that you must pass a background investigation. This basically covers everything about you, and it will go back at least several years back. Even the minor offenses are often overlooked on these background checks, but major problems will seriously be considered. 

Flight Attendant Pay

While there are a number of requirements for the job, the benefits are also very good. They enjoy medical, dental, and vision insurances, vacation payment, a retirement plan, and many more. Probably the best benefit, however, is the high discounted travel. They are also paid for every hour they are away from home. The typical starting salary is normally about $33,000 to $65,000.

Those who are interested in such a career can go through the Aviation Courses in Kerala for a better idea. There are many Air Hostess Courses in Kochi that are ideal for the students from the different background. Along with this, there are also Logistics Management Courses in Kerala and Supply Chain Courses. Choose a career which best suits your skill set and qualifications.

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