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Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Same?

February 26, 2020

The terms logistics and supply chain are often two words that are used confusingly yet simultaneously. They are used by the people reciprocally. In some cases, there is no distinction between the two terms. Having said that, the supply chain management is considered the “new” logistics. While these two terms do have a few likenesses they are, truth be told, various ideas with various implications. Supply chain management is an all encompassing idea that joins together various procedures to accomplish the upper hand.

While logistics alludes to the development, stockpiling, and a stream of merchandise, administrations, and data inside the general store network. The sole goal of logistics is to ensure the client gets the right product at the right time and spot without compromising its quality at the right cost. This procedure can be partitioned into two subcategories: inbound logistics and outbound logistics.

It is the endeavors of various associations cooperating as a supply chain network that deals with the progression of crude materials and guarantee the completed merchandise offer some incentive. Inventory network supervisors work over numerous capacities and organizations to guarantee that a completed item finds a workable pace buyer as well as meets all necessities also.  Logistics is only one little piece of the bigger, widely inclusive supply chain network.

Key Differences

It is essential to recollect that while the terms ought not to be utilized reciprocally, they do enhance one another. They indeed supplement each other in many ways when it comes to operations.  One procedure can’t exist without the other. Here are some key contrasts between the two terms that will assist you with shielding from obscuring the lines between them.

▪ Supply chain management is an approach to connect significant business forms inside and across organizations into an elite plan of action that drives the upper hand advantages.

▪ Logistics alludes to the development, stockpiling, and a stream of products, administrations, and data inside and outside an organization.

▪ The principal focal point of supply chain management is an upper hand, while the primary focal point of logistics management is meeting client necessities.

▪ Logistics is a term that has been around for quite a while, rising out of its military roots, while supply chain management is generally a new term.

▪ Logistics is actually an activity operated inside the supply chain network.

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