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Key challenges in the supply chain

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October 24, 2019

In the current global trend, corporations of all sizes are affected and are spreading threats to existing supply chain organizations. Besides, moving with the existing trends and incorporating their benefits requires a  proper restructuring of operations whilst being able to maintain a competitive position in the market. Improving supply chain visibility is perceived to be a crucial challenge across all industries. The discussion partners stressed the following aspects of improving supply chain visibility: Identification of where and how many products are in stock, how products are being sold in different markets, how to allocate stocks to improve the service and reduce logistics costs, and how to reduce waste, etc. Improving supply chain visibility is considered a pre-requisite to convert the supply chain into a global,  super integrated network.  Nowadays, the growing economies in developing countries have empowered potential customers to ask for better products and services, thereby increasing pressure on manufacturers to cope with the inherent volatility of short-term customer demands. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly researching ways to gain relevant insights into volatile markets and at the same time improve productivity and supply capabilities to deal with the unanticipated customer requirements with more adaptability and flexibility. Supply chains have been becoming more and more complex in today’s scenario. The key challenge of coping with the complexity across most industry sectors is to make use of innovative solutions. This allows manufacturers to simplify their supply chains without limiting their capabilities to run complex processes. Here, companies are focusing mainly on the development of global/regional process templates and the simplification of their IT landscapes. Since the last two decades, globalization has been a big discussion, affecting economies on both macro and micro levels. Here, companies deal with two key topics among others: Primarily, effective use of local sourcing as well as decentralization of production to improve flexibility, reduce lead times, and improve responsiveness, and, then balancing global material flows instead of transporting only finished products. Among the third-tier significant challenges that are shared across industries, the rise of new business models and the need to innovate is one of the most frequently stated ones.
There are many such things one should understand while considering the supply chain and its challenges. When you are about to start a career in the supply chain from numerous Supply Chain Management Courses in Kerala, understanding the key challenges will help you find a solution and thus succeed, Choose the best Supply Chain Management Course in Kochi if you wish to pursue your career in supply chain management in a vibrant area.

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