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Freeing up the skies

best Aviation Institute in Kochi
June 22, 2020

One of the foremost ways during which airlines can hamper on fuel consumption and therefore the associated CO2 emissions is to fly the most efficient route possible. According to the experts of Aviation Institutes in Kerala, every flight would take the foremost direct route, producing not only environmental gains but a discount in flying time and fuel costs for airlines. This, however, is usually impossible, as many areas are reserved specifically for military use, excluding commercial aircraft from entering them.
Efforts to deal with this issue are being made in several parts of the planet (see this case study in Aviation Climate Solutions on free-route airspace) and now it’s like India is thanks to imitating. Indian airlines are calling for flexible use of airspace for a short time now, so a recent announcement by the Indian government confirming that the Airports Authority of Indian and therefore the Ministry of Defence are collaborating to explore the proposal is going to be welcome news to those airlines.
At the instant, aircraft flying some routes got to make a detour over Pakistani airspace, adding unnecessary flight time. With roughly 40% of Indian airspace classified as military, the power to cooperate with the Indian air force in utilizing those skies will come as welcome news to airlines operating within the country.
The Indian air force and navy are currently assessing the safety implications of instituting a proper flexible route airspace system, but if all goes well, then the skies above India are set to become tons more efficient.
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