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Few Facts Related to Air Hostess Job

Few Facts Related to Air Hostess Job
November 15, 2019

The training may not be as easy as you think it would be. For some, it could be the toughest thing you have done.

An Air Hostess is a very responsible cabin crew member, and they are required to go through the robust training process before going on-board. There are so many things, which they have to take care of and prove themselves. 

Critical decision makers

Air hostesses are required to take effective decisions during a critical moment. That could be anything from a plane crash to even a hijacking of the flight. The survival training is one of the many skills; an air hostess is given training in. So, they know how to create a shelter, gather food, find safe drinking water and make sure that the passengers on-board are safe and secure by all means.

Not all airlines will be looking for the same skill set

If you are applying for different airlines, then their eligibility criteria and required skills could be different. A candidate should prepare and work accordingly to be selected by the respected company which they have applied for.

They Are Well Trained to Deliver Babies on Board

An Air hostess training also include how to safely deliver babies until the emergency services can be handed over on the ground. This is a noble skill to learn; this allows an air hostess to save two lives which she can be proud of.

Someone’s survival may depend on you

Air hostess training includes providing first aid to unwell and injured passengers, CPR training and other basic survival techniques to deal with any health issue that occurs during the flight. In addition, they will be evaluated every year to ensure that their skills are still up to date and they are ready to help anyone anytime.

They often handle the role of Ticketing Agents too

Multitasking is an important quality to be possessed by an Air hostess. They will be trained to work as an air hostess; as well as a ticketing agent or a ground staff according to demand. 

Weight-gain control

Gaining more weight is a big ‘NO’ for an air hostess. They are not allowed to increase their weight without control though, this is good to keep yourself healthy and fit.

If you really wish to pursue a career in this, you have to choose the best Airport Management Courses in Kochi for a better training. There are many Air Hostess Courses in Kochi that are well suited for the students who are serious about their career.

There are many good institutions that also provide cabin crew courses for the students who are interested in this sector.

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