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Few Facts About Indian Aviation

Aviation Courses in Kerala
November 7, 2019

When we consider aviation, it is the current fastest-growing industry in the world. And it is always a good career choice for the students who like to pursue their career in the aviation industry. There are many aviation institutes in Kerala that offer standard education to the students. Bangalore is considered the largest aviation manufacturing hub of India with its 65% national share. The aviation industry in India has gone through a total transformation for past years. Following are some of the interesting facts about Indian aviation that would be of great help for the students.

1. World’s largest air evacuation

During the Kuwait Gulf War back in 1990, around 1,90,000 innocent Indians were stuck there. This period itself is considered to be the weakest time in Indian history. The Indian government with the help of Air India did rescue every single Indian and that was the world’s largest air evacuation ever executed. The mission lasted for more than fifty days and was recorded by the Guinness book of world records.

2. India is estimated to become the largest aviation industry by 2030

The aviation industry in India has enormous growth as per the reports and researches. Future India is expected to become the third-largest aviation industry by 2020 and the largest by 2030.

3. More than 150 million domestic passengers

There is huge growth in the number of domestic passengers every year. 150 million domestic passengers are the highest ever recorded by any country. There is no surprise in considering future opportunities and scope in this sector. For the students in Kerala, they should choose the best aviation institute in Kochi to master in what they study and later do.

4. Tempting foreign countries to invest

The Indian aviation industry has always been enough interesting for foreign companies to invest in. They consider it as an opportunity to enter the ever-evolving Indian market.

5. The bigger airport development process

The airport development process has actually begun with Cochin International Airport (CIAL). Later, two more Greenfield airports are approved at Bangalore and Hyderabad.

6. Magnifying airline traffics

The growth in airline traffic is reported to be 5 times above the international average. The Indian aviation industry holds an average of 70% of South Asia’s total airline traffic.

There are many aviation management courses in Kerala that are open to the students. Choose the best aviation management institute in Kerala and get your career secured.

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