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Chances of Aviation Industry in India

Aviation Institutes in kochi
May 7, 2020

Aviation is one of the world’s most modest and gainful marketplace. Flying in the air is really fun and to explore that is a really good experience, it is possible with the Airplane. Aircraft is a major discovery of mankind. The Modern Aviation industry is growing enormously due to many factors such as foreign direct investment in domestic airlines, airports, and LCCs. This Sector normally functions on practical information and private assistance, having the best training from the Best Aviation Institute in Kochi, Kerala provides an extra advantage to people who looks to shape a career in the field of Aviation. Join Zabeel International – Aviation & Logistics Management Courses / Institute in Kochi, Kerala which has the leading Airport Management Courses like (Cabin-Crew Courses in Kochi, Aviation Courses in Kerala, Aviation Management Courses in Kerala, Logistics Courses in Kochi) and start your dream job in Aviation Industry. Taking up an Aviation Courses in Kerala from an institute like ZIIMT permits an individual to know the expert knowledge of aviation to continue expertise in the field.

Education and Job Roles in Aviation and Logistics (ZIIMT)

Some of the following degree qualifications that would help to secure the job soon are as follows:

  • Aviation/ Airline/ Airport Management: Diploma and International Advanced Diploma in Aviation Management Courses.
  • Logistics / Supply Chain Management: Diploma and International Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management Courses.
  • Cabin Crew: Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Cabin Crew Management Courses.
  • Shipping Management: Shipping Management Courses in Kerala.

There are some other additional aircraft works, they are,

  • Coaches in Flying and Landing.
  • Psychologists in aircraft
  • Doctors in Airplanes
  • Air Purser.

Future of the Aviation Industry

In the present world, movement by water, road and, the air is all about speed, interconnectivity, and accessibility. Though, only aviation delivers rapid economic growth, transportation network, and, simplifying international trade and tourism.

Estimates suggest that its demand will increase by a usual range of 4.3%p.a. over the next 20 years Airline businesses will begin to benefit from a broad range of evolving developments, as well as advanced construction of airline engines, and more efficient aircraft routing. 

Thus, it concludes that the Future of Aviation in the next 20 years is a bright one and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. So, taking up an Aviation Institutes in Kerala will leave you with all professional knowledge in this field. 

Career prospects

  • Airport Supervisor
  • Cargo operations
  • Executives in Customer Service
  • Manager in Ground Staff
  • The Manager of the airport
  • Airline Chief
  • Response Director of Airline
  • Lead of Logistics

Salary package in Aviation

Salary Package in the field of aviation varies considerably from qualification to certificate, extra experiences, years that you have invested in the field, etc. This also depends on the reputation of the institution at which you are trained. Get excellent training at Zabeel International – Aviation & Logistics Management Courses / Institute in Kochi, Kerala to increase your reputation.

In recent years, the aviation field has expanded significantly. The normal salary given to new joiners in aviation management is between Rs 14,000 to Rs 32,000/month respectively. With its sudden growth rate and the high demand in this career, a candidate with suitable professional experience and a trained degree can earn the highest salary up to 3 to 4 lakh per month. If you are interested in deep dive into the aviation industry, take up Aviation Management Courses in Kerala to know more about this growing industry

Need Guidance on getting into this industry? Make your dream come true with the best aviation institute in Kochi, ZIIMT Aviation Institutes in Kerala.

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