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Advantages of Being a Cabin Crew

For the people who have chosen their career as a cabin crew after completing any Aviation Management Courses in Kochi, there are many opportunities and advantages waiting for them. One of the greates...

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A few cabin crew things

A Cabin Crew works to make sure the passengers in an aircraft travel in comfort. Their responsibilities include making sure the passenger is safe in all aspects to keep the atmosphere inside the plan...

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Key challenges in the supply chain

In the current global trend, corporations of all sizes are affected and are spreading threats to existing supply chain organizations. Besides, moving with the existing trends and incorporating thei...

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IATA Courses

If you are someone who is looking to develop a career in the aviation industry, it is suggested to join an IATA program. This is applicable in the tourism industry too. They offer endless possibiliti...

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Role of Logistics

Logistics is a very crucial element of competitiveness these days. The commercial deals with other countries are increasingly dependent on their logistical organization. Any policy of export promotio...

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Logistic and Supply Chain Management Courses After 12th

Shipping and Logistics deal with the study of transportation of goods to customers. Supply chain management and Logistics is the right profession for individuals who are interested in transportation ...

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Job Oriented Aviation Courses After 12th

Aviation has been providing various job opportunities to graduates in India. In the past,there weren’t various courses that focused on the aviation sector and trained students to take on roles in t...

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