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The Specialty of Self Presentation in a meeting

Each meeting has its hinterland, which implies the inquiries questions would cover a specific zone or have their zone of activities and impact, and the individual to confront the meeting needs to mak...

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Tips for attending an interview

To face an interview is not that easy. It is both an art and science.The next time you attend an interview for a promising job, follow...

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Tips for restarting your career

The month of JANUARY is a time when people decide to start fresh, start over, or start down a different road. But as it is a matter of fact that a change in career path is always a difficult one. How...

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Few Facts Related to Air Hostess Job

The training may not be as easy as you think it would be. For some, it could be the toughest thing you have done. An Air Hostess is a very responsible cabin crew member, and th...

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Career in Aviation

Are you reserved for an aviation management degree? Here are some signs that you have a bright career waiting in aviation. 1. Flying would be your superpower Among the superhuman strengths that...

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Tips for maintaining a professional attitude in your aviation academy

Aviation students and instructors have a unique professional relationship. The instructors and students spend the majority of their time 1-on-1, they need to cultivate courteous, professional relatio...

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The new trends in the shipping industry

The major factor that saved the shipping industry against the destructive trends of 2016 was a drastic fall in the price of oil and its products during that time. But expert reports say that in 201...

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Why You Should Consider a Career in Aviation

As you may know, we are currently experiencing a major Global Pilot Shortage. It has been well documented on various news platforms and social media. But for those new to the topic- Aircraft manufact...

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Top 5 Careers at the Airport

Today, the aviation industry is very large. You may need an army of professionals to keep it running the right way.  Every professional behind this works hard enough to keep the industry going a...

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