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A Few Tips That Help Logistics

shipping management courses in Kerala
December 30, 2019

There are numerous logistics management courses in Kerala that are very popular among people. Logistics courses in Kochi are available in many reputed institutions.  But when you think of mastering in logistics and supply chain management, don’t be intimated by the global marketplace.

 The basic principles of cost reduction, efficiency, and quality never get old or out of base. You can consider the below tips to build  a successful logistics campaign and improve customer satisfaction while stepping into a career after completing logistics courses in Kerala or any supply chain management courses in Kerala.

Utilise volume to leverage price. Nothing is unusual in the industry, negotiate based on forecasted volume. And if there is a much better margin of cost savings using future orders, always use that particular figure to your advantage.

Always clearly define what you are trying to accomplish. Start a fresh campaign with a clear and definite objective, whether its speed, accuracy, or even both. Different goals yield diverse amd different strategies. A supply chain strategy focused on speed will look entirely different than a supply chain centered on cost reduction or cost effectiveness. Understand and articulate these objectives and explain it to your team for a customer- centered process.

Focus on your competencies as well. If you’re not comfortable providing value-added services, such as pick  and pack or same day shipping, then please don’t offer it to your clients. Improve your strong points and make them clear, and nurture these skills to set you apart and stand out from the competition.

Utilize the latest technologies available. The industry revolution as well as customer service revolution were brought in by advances in barcoding, order tracking, and social media/smart phones etc. Use public platforms to increase accuracy and bring in credibility. Utilise it properly and bring responsiveness. Many third-party companies use many social media platforms such as instant messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter to provide real-time updates to their clients which is a very fine way.

Make it a point to fine tune your warehouse and processes. A well- organized and efficient warehouse will reduce cost and obviously save time. Quickly identifying products and staging them for outbound is one of the most effective ways to improve customer satisfaction and bring in trust. The ability to efficiently process requests reflects on your overall capability, hardwork and passion in what you do.

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