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A few facts about Indian Aviation

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March 21, 2020

Aviation in India is considered the fastest-growing business in the world. Bangalore is said to be the largest aviation manufacturing hub of India with its 75% national share approximately. The aviation industry in India has gone through a complete transmutation from the time of freedom. The following are some of the interesting facts about Indian aviation which we thought o share with you.

World’s most extensive air evacuation
During the Gulf War in Kuwait back in 1990 around 1,70,000 innocent Indians were held there. This period itself is considered to be the most flimsy times in Indian history. The Indian government with the strong support and help of Air India did rescue every single Indian with the world’s largest air evacuation ever administered. The mission lasted for more than fifty days and was reported by the Guinness book of world records.

Intriguing foreign countries to invest in India
The Indian aviation industry is enough appealing for foreign companies to make an investment. They consider it as a great chance to enter the Indian market.

India will be the largest aviation industry by 2030
The aviation industry in India has seen enormous growth as per the reports and researches. With more identical information in future India will obviously become the third-largest aviation industry by 2020 and the largest by 2030.

More than 150 million domestic passengers
There is enormous growth in the number of domestic passengers every year. 150 million domestic passengers are considered the highest ever by any country. There is no surprise in considering future possibilities and a higher scope in this sector.

The bigger airport expansion process
The airport expansion process has begun with Cochin International Airport (CIAL). Also, there are two more greenfield airports approved at Bangalore and Hyderabad. Including Delhi and Mumbai airport, 35 other airports are also considered for modernization.

Magnifying airline traffics
The increase in airline traffic is reported to be 4 times above the international average. The aviation industry in India is considered to hold an average of 80% of South Asia’s total airline traffic.

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